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Temsa Maraton

General information


Maraton 12m total length/
permissible total weight:                                             12.365mm/18.000kg
Maraton 13m total length/
permissible total weight/:                                           13.080mm/19.000kg
seat layout:                                                        49+1+1 4* or 55+1+1 3*
Engine:                                                             DAF MX 11 Euro 6; 435 PS
Fuel tank capacity:                                      583l; can be filled from both sides
ZENEC Multimedia System                                               19" Video Monitors
Galley:                                                                                      selectable 
Automated 12-speed transmission ZF AS-Tronic 2301
with intarder
digital tachograph
220 V voltage transformer
Rear view camera

Driver Assistance Systems
Advanced emergency braking systems AEBA
Lane Keeping Assistant LDWS
Distance control cruise control ACC
Intarder function switched to brake pedal
Engine brake

(This vehicle description is only a small overview.
You can get more detailed information from us). 

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